Motorvation House, Merrick Street, Hull, HU9 1NG

TEL: 01482 425288

Motorvation Philosophy

 Motorvation Training’s ethos is to have a holistic approach to education.  We do not use punishments such as detentions or isolation, mainly because psychological studies show that these methods do not work and more likely than not they have an adverse effect on the young people.  Instead, Motorvation is proud to employ a different kind of approach to education, which is inclusive, and takes into account issues and problems that the young people may be facing in their lives.  We work with the young person, parents/carers and other interested parties to come to a workable solution to a problem.  We have found that a by product of this method is that it provides valuable life skills to the learner concerned.

Mental Health is a big topic at the moment, and we realised that we needed to ensure that we are prepared to help any of our learners that may go into crisis, Motorvation Training has two members of staff on site that are trained in Mental Health First Aid.  This enables us to respond quickly to the changing needs of our young people, and helps us to safeguard them. 


Motorvation Training are also against using any form of restraint against our young people, and as such we are proud to have signed up to the Restraint Reduction Network.  In the modern world, a more holistic approach to certain situations is needed.  Motorvation Training has a CPI Certified MAPA (Management of Actual or Potential Aggression) Instructor onsite, and all members of staff are Certified MAPA Practitioners, meaning that all staff are highly trained in de-escalation techniques, which we would rather employ than restraint.