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CPD/Annual Assessment

This half-day mot CPD training course is delivered at our training centre.  It allows you to complete the required annual training and take the MOT Annual Assessment, all in half a day, with full support from us as an approved training centre.  The course will be delivered by our senior tutors, who will ensure that you fully understand the modules, and they will be able to answer any questions you may have before going on to complete the online Annual Assessment. In addition to covering CPD, we will also cover Special Notices and General Questions from the MOT Testers Guide.  

We like to give our clients value for money, and using our services will enable you to prove your CPD, as it will be moderated by ourselves as an approved centre, we will keep an electronic copy of your certificate in house so if you misplace yours and Inspectors happen to visit your test centre, you know you can always have access to a copy of your certificate and CPD.  In addition to this, we will send you out a reminder by email just to let you know when your Annual Assessment is due again, and offer you the chance to book your place with us again.

The total cost for this package is £80.00 + VAT

Phone 01482 425288, or fill out the contact form below for more details.