Motorvation House, Merrick Street, Hull, HU9 1NG

TEL: 01482 425288

​​​Level 1 Study Programme

 Our Level 1 Study Programme course is mainly aimed at those 16-18 years of age, with the outcome qualification being an IMI Awards Level 1 Transport Maintenance, as well as English and maths Functional Skills, to enable you to be fully equipped with skills for the workplace.

The Level 1 Study Programme is run as small groups of no more than ten learners.  This is to ensure our learners get the best training possible, and so that the tutor is always accessible.  We found that even though larger groups would be more cost effective to us, pass rates increase and learners are happy and enjoy learning more when working in smaller groups.

The Level 1 Study Programme can last anywhere between six months to twelve months. As well as the training we work closely with light motor vehicle establishments, ensuring every student at least four weeks of work experience in a garage environment. This will give the student a valuable taste of experience in a work environment. This will give the student a valuable taste of experience in a work environment,  so when it comes to looking  for employment they are prepared.  

You have probably heard of "enrichment" at school, where it perhaps does not mean a lot to you.  At Motorvation Training enrichment could mean going to visit a European BMW factory to see the latest models being designed and tested, it could mean a wander down to Manchester United's football ground, Old Trafford to learn about teamwork and have a sneaky look around three floors of trophies, a look round the stadium and a peek in the dressing rooms.  We have also had learners build their own Go Karts, and then go out and race them at a local track.  Enrichment at Motorvation Training is enriching and engaging, not an excuse for the tutors to catch up on work.

Progression would be to move onto our Level 2 Study Programme.

If coming to Motorvation Training on a Foundation Learning course, you may be entitled to a full bursary, or discretionary bursary.  This is money the Government could provide to help support you in your studies whilst at Motorvation. 

We welcome learners with EHC Plans, and we will always do our best to accommodate you, as we believe that a good solid learning group is made up of people from all backgrounds, and from all walks of life.