Motorvation House, Merrick Street, Hull, HU9 1NG

TEL: 01482 425288

Learner Engagement

 Every learner that comes to Motorvation Training chooses to attend, not because they are forced to attend.  Engagement with hard to reach young people is key to our overall strategy, and we need a good level of engagement for the learner to achieve and progress.  Our learners say that they like coming to us as the environment that they are in is more of a college environment than a school environment, and they are able to work better.

Every learner has a dynamic ILP that is updated regularly, and this will show and track progress as well as giving feedback.  It will also show support that the young person has received (outside of EHCP’s), which can help track ability and show progression.

Year 8 – Year 11 Learners

Motorvation Training specialises in teaching younger  learners, and provides an enviornment where our learners can thrive, achieve and progress. Some learners are referred to Motorvation Training with social, emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties that could seriously impede progress in mainstream schools. Some learners have been referred to us as their attendance at school  is below par, or they are at risk of exclusion because they just do not fit into mainstream schools.  At the time of their referral, many students have also experienced long term difficulties in relation to their lives outside school.